In Appreciation of the Flexibility of Volunteers

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From left to right: Sherri Dunfee, Bill Fanning, Jennifer Collins, Melanie Cheraso, and Jennifer Mainelli.

On any given Monday evening at the Wells Public Library in Albany you’re likely to find a group of folks stretched out on the meeting room floor. They’re not just enjoying the atmosphere, they’re part of an on-going series of gentle stretching and yoga classes made possible by a rotating group of dedicated volunteers.

“It’s a chance for the community to learn some relaxation techniques and basic yoga poses,” says Lanna Galloway, the library manager. “Albany really needs this type of programming and it wouldn’t be possible if these folks weren’t willing to give up a few hours of their time every week. We truly appreciate them.”

Our yoga volunteers are an ecclectic and varied group. One of them sings in a rock ‘n roll band. One once led a yoga class while 39 weeks pregnant! And one has swam in the Dead Sea. (If you want to find out who’s done what, you’ll have to come to class and ask!) There is one thing, however, they all have in common: a love of teaching and learning from their students.

“If you’ve been looking for a way to get some excercise and met a great group of interesting people,” continues Lanna, “then come to the Wells Library on Mondays around 6 o’clock. Everyone is welcomed.”

This program is free and open to all skill levels. Wear comfortable clohing! For more information, call 740-698-3059.

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