Local History Collection


The purpose of the Local History Collection in the Athens County Public Libraries is to preserve the history of Athens County and to provide access to historical materials to our patrons. The Local History Collection focuses on the history of Athens County and, to a lesser extent, the surrounding regions as they relate to Athens County. The Library seeks to provide materials that increase  knowledge about family histories, civic, social, religious, economic and cultural life past and present.  Local history materials are typically suitable for use in the Library only.

Collection Policy

The Local History Collection focuses on materials that relate to Athens County history and the surrounding regions as appropriate. Materials can be donated or acquired if they fit the guidelines of the collection.

Materials that are relevant to Athens organizations, businesses, social life and individuals are accepted. Genealogical materials are a priority. The collection can include materials from Meigs, Vinton, Hocking, Perry, Morgan and Washington Counties if relevant to Athens County history. Materials from any time period can be acquired as long as the Library believes they are relevant to the collection.

The Local History Collection will acquire materials in the following formats: advertisements, atlases, books, clippings, commemorative materials, diaries, digital records, film, genealogical records, letters, maps, memorabilia, newsletters, newspapers, paintings, pamphlets, photographs, postcards, posters, reports, speeches and other ephemera. The Library will strictly limit the acquisition of local government documents.


The Library welcomes donations to the Local History Collection. All donated materials must be free of dirt, moisture, mold and pests and must be in good condition. Donors must sign a deed of gift transferring unrestricted ownership and copyright, if applicable, to the Athens County Public Libraries.

The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts if they fall out of the scope of the collection or if the  Library does not feel they have the resources to maintain the donation.

Discarding Materials

The Athens County Public Libraries reserve the right to withdraw materials that do not fit within the scope of the Local History Collection or materials that they do not have the resources to maintain. Withdrawn items may be returned to the donors, offered to other depositories, donated to the Friends of the Library or discarded.

Approved June 21, 2016