Customer Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees recognizes the administration’s ability to establish the rules and procedures for public behavior in the library and on the library’s websites and other virtual presences necessary to:

  1. Protect the rights of individuals to use the library materials, facilities, services, and websites;
  2. Protect the rights of library employees and volunteers to conduct library business without interference;
  3. Ensure the use of the buildings, materials, services, and websites by the greatest number of individuals;
  4. Preserve those materials and facilities from harm;
  5. Ensure the safety of library customers, employees, and volunteers.
Administrative Procedure

The administration, management, and staff of the library have the responsibility of maintaining order and enforcing policies. Staff is required to intervene in situations at the library that present danger to the safety of persons or property, interfere with the rights of others, constitute disturbing or inappropriate uses of the library and that involve the commission of illegal acts.

Disruptive behavior may include, but is not limited to:

  1. profane, obscene or abusive language, racial or ethnic epithets;
  2. harassing customers or staff (including repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive, or that adversely impacts staffs’ work performance);
  3. intentionally damaging, destroying, selling, or stealing any property belonging to the library, another customer, or staff;
  4. fighting, challenging someone to a fight, physical abuse or assault;
  5. engaging in or soliciting any sexual act (including indecent exposure).

Staff actions for a disruptive customer may include:

  1. informing the customer of the violation and asking that the behavior change;
  2. asking the customer to leave the library;
  3. contacting local authorities.

Staff directly threatened by a customer may:

  1. walk away from the situation;
  2. ask a supervisor or coworker for assistance;
  3. contact local authorities.

Staff will complete an incident report for all situations requiring police intervention or when deemed prudent by management or administration.


Adopted August 17, 2010