Collection Development Policy


It is the goal of the Athens County Public Libraries to provide the community with informational and recreational materials of all kinds, and to meet the needs and interests of all the diverse residents of Athens County.

Criteria for Selection:

Library materials are selected by the Director. Professional reviewing materials, bibliographies and basic lists of standard works are consulted as aids in selection. All library materials are selected according to the following principles:

  1. Authority, the inclusion of the title in bibliographies and reviews
  2. The author’s literary standing
  3. Style and clarity of presentation
  4. Sources and documentation used by the author
  5. Reputation and standards of the publisher
  6. Physical format, limitations of use
  7. Quality of binding
  8. Cost
  9. Relative importance of the subject matter to the collection
  10. Local interest (author or subject)

Inter-Library Loan

The library shares its resources with the library community. All library items will be loaned, except reference and local history materials, for a two week loan period. The Inter-Library service is free of charge.


Periodicals are selected to support the book collection by providing general and recreational reading, reference material, and to obtain current information not yet available in book form. Authority and reputation of the editorial staff and contributors, the long-term value to the collection as well as contemporary interest, and the cost of subscription are also considered. Local and regional newspapers are provided. Continuity of the subscription and cost are considered in selecting newspapers.


Donations to the Library are welcomed with the understanding that they must meet the general standards of selection for all materials. The Library reserves the right to dispose of gift material which is not considered useful to the collection. When a gift of cash is given for the purpose of buying memorial books, the Director will make the selection in consultation with the donor. The name of the person memorialized or of the donor will be recorded on the bookplate.


In light of the Library’s limited space, material may be withdrawn from the collection if it is a duplicate or no longer in demand, subject to the decision of the Director.

Children’s Materials

The Library recognizes the need to provide children with a wide variety of recreational and informational materials in all subject areas and on all reading levels. Our purpose is to encourage reading for enjoyment and the acquisition of knowledge, and to increase understanding of oneself and the world at large. In light of this goal, children will be given access to the entire collection. It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their child’s reading interests; it is the responsibility of the library to provide information and a variety of viewpoints from which the child, under his parents’ supervision, may select.


Textbooks are not purchased unless they represent the best information or the only information available in the subject area. The Library seeks to complement curriculum materials, which are provided by the Board of Education.