Circulation of Library Materials Policy

For physical formats (books, audios, videos, etc.)

Athens County Public Libraries (ACPL) make materials available in a variety of formats for anyone with a valid library card.

In order to ensure that all patrons have the greatest opportunity to access the libraries’ collection, library administration will establish loan periods for materials, including the number of times an item may be renewed.

Holds may be placed on any item that circulates.

There are no limitations on the number of books which may be borrowed per library card.  Audio-visual and other high-demand materials may have limitations as determined by the administration. Certain items in the library’s collection as determined by the administration may not circulate outside library buildings due to the special nature of those items.

No fines accrue on items returned after the due date.

Borrowers will pay the price listed in the library circulation system for any item lost or damaged beyond repair; borrowers may be asked to pay fees for items damaged but repairable. If a borrower finds a “lost” library item and returns it to a library branch with a paid receipt within 30 days of the date payment was made, the user may be issued a refund (paid via check issued by the Fiscal Officer).

If borrowed materials are not returned within 14 days of the due date or payments for damaged/lost items are not paid within 14 days of the date the charge was assessed, the borrower’s library card be will blocked (including online access) until the problem has been resolved.

If borrowed materials are not returned 120 days after the due date the item will be assumed to be lost and the cost of the item will be added to the borrower’s account. If the item is subsequently returned the cost will be removed from the borrower’s account.

For bicycles and bicycle equipment

The Board of the Athens County Public Libraries is committed to making materials available that promote wellness and fun for area families and users.  Bicycles and biking equipment are made available to any borrower with a valid library card.  The following rules apply:

  • Adults must have a LENDING AGREEMENT on file.
  • Children must have a parent or guardian’s signed CONSENT on file.
  • Bikes and equipment may be borrowed for specific times as determined by the administration and as availability allows.
  • There are no fines or fees for using Book-A-Bike.
  • Bikes and equipment not returned by the agreed upon time will be treated as theft.
  • Locks and helmets will be provided.
  • Borrowers will be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

Book-A-Bike safety and circulation procedures will be periodically reviewed, updated and streamlined to be more effective. Staff and borrowers are obligated to keep abreast of current practices and guidelines.

For digital materials

Athens County Public Libraries make a variety of electronic materials available for anyone with a valid library card or current digital library account.

Loan periods and other limitations vary across platforms depending on the guidelines set forth by software, legal agreements, third-party contracts, and other commercial considerations beyond the control of the library system.

The availability of online databases and digital materials changes often. ACPL does not guarantee continued access to any given title or information.

Users are responsible for their online profiles. The libraries do not have access to user activities beyond general statistics and accounting practices. Card numbers and PIN/passwords should be guarded and protected from other users.

ACPL recognizes that parents and legal guardians are responsible for monitoring the reading, listening, and viewing choices of their children.


Revised September, 2017