Goals and Objectives

The following outlines the main goals and related objectives as recommended by KMD Associates and the ACPL Strategic Planning Team made up of library employees:

Goal 1: Provide convenient access to library resources and services that reflect the needs of our communities


  1. Evaluate hours of operation in each branch of ACPL and adjust based on results.
  2. Encourage staff to provide input for collection development.
  3. Help to further improve Internet connectivity throughout the county, including hotspots.
  4. Create a technology plan that addresses specific needs (staff trainings, patron expectations, develop more training for the public in current and future technologies).

Goal 2: Expand awareness to increase engagement with library communities and the Athens County community as a whole


  1. Facilitate the promotion of events across all branches.
  2. Develop procedures to more effectively use social media as a promotional tool.
  3. Create county-wide PR/marketing plan + new initiatives to attract non-users.
  4. Increase the frequency of individual staff member’s engagement with our communities outside of the library.
  5. Expand library partnerships with schools, community organizations and cultural entities.

Goal 3: Maximize staff potential in order to provide optimal services to the public


  1. Evaluate staffing levels and responsibilities; adjust as needed based on results.
  2. Create a staff professional development plan in the areas of technology and customer service.
  3. Evaluate staff transportation needs as they relate to job requirements and provide appropriate solutions.
  4. Increase cross-branch cooperation with regular, purposeful sharing of staff, ideas and programming.
  5. Evaluate options for an incentive-based recognition program.
  6. Form a Teen Team in order to increase teen programming and advocacy.
  7. Form an Outreach Team in order to increase programming and advocacy.

Goal 4: Create welcoming and functional environments


  1. Design a facility plan for beautification and improved functionality for each library branch.
  2. Evaluate and add to comfortable seating options.
  3. Utilize 2016 Community Energy Savers’ monetary award to increase energy upgrades in ACPL buildings.