The Koha Project

In early 2002 the Athens County Public Libraries undertook a new project. The goal was implement a complete library automation system using only open source software. The library focused its attention on the most mature and fully-featured system available at the time, Koha. At the time, Koha was still in version 1, and used in only a few libraries around the world. No public library in the United States used Koha or any open-source ILS. After extensive testing and development, Koha went into use at The Athens County Public Libraries in the fall of 2003. The library continues to use it today.

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The Athens County Public Libraries have been closely involved with the development of Koha from the very beginning of its investigations of the open-source ILS. The library has funded development, contributed code, hosted Koha informational meetings, and promoted Koha at regional library conferences. The library now contracts with ByWater Solutions for Koha support and our staff works closely with them to further Koha’s development.

Open Source in the Library

Koha isn’t the only open source in the library!

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