Loan Policy

The Athens County Public Libraries make information materials in a variety of formats available for borrowing by anyone who can present a valid library card. With the exception of materials in the reference collection, local history collection, staff-use collection, newspaper collection and current issues of magazines, all materials may be borrowed for a period of two-weeks. As long as no one else has placed a reserve on the materials, they may be renewed two times for a maximum of three two-week loan periods.

Reserves may be placed on any item that circulates.

There are no limitations on the number of print items which may be borrowed. There are limits on the following non-print items:

  • 1 video game per library card.
  • 5 DVD items per library card.
  • 10 VHS videos per library card.
  • 10 audiobooks per library card (any combination of juvenile, young adult, and adult tapes and discs and digital devices).
  • 10 music discs per library card.

There are no limits on any other non-print items.

No fines accrue on items returned after the due date.

Borrowers will pay the library the publisher’s list price for any items lost or damaged beyond repair. If the borrower find the "lost" library item and returns it to the library, along with their receipt, within 30 days of the date when payment was made for the item, the borrower will be issued a refund.

If borrowed materials are not returned to the Library within

14 days of the due date or payments for damaged/lost items are not paid within

14 days of the date the charge was assessed, the borrower's library card will be invalidated until the problem has been resolved.

Adopted March 24, 1998
Revised April 26, 2005
Revised November 29, 2005
Revised April 15, 2008
Revised May 19, 2009