Customizing the display of online resources like eBooks

The Athens County Public Libraries are members of the Ohio eBook Project Ohio Digital Library, a consortium of libraries who contribute to and share access to a collection of eBooks and other downloadable material through OverDrive. In order to make these resources more discoverable by our patrons we add MARC records for these titles to […]

Developing with branches

There was recently some discussion on the Koha mailing list about how “branches” fit into the development process. I replied with a description of how I use branches in my development process, and this post is an expansion of that. In my discussion of Koha’s bug-reporting process I mentioned that a developer who wants to […]

Koha bugs workflow

As the Koha project has grown our workflow has evolved to meet the demands of a wider pool of developers. We’re better today at collaborating thanks to Git, our version control system. We’re better at communicating with each other through the Koha wiki and Koha’s Bugzilla database. It has helped a lot that we’ve worked […]

Nearing Koha 3.2

It has been six months since my Preparing for Koha 3.2 post! It’s been a while, but a lot of progress has been made. If my Bugzilla query is correct, we’ve resolved almost 200 bug reports in that time. Over 1000 commits have been made to Koha’s code repository for version 3.2. We’ve released two […]